A Classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza delivered right to your door, made by an authentic Chicagoian and whos been making Chicago Style Deep Dish for Decades.Plus some extra awesome treats!

  • Pizza 3

    8" Deep Dish

    One size fits all for 1, 2, 3 or more! We recommend 1 pizza to 2 People Ratio.

    Why 1 Size?
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    5 Choice Toppings

    Pick from claassic Pepperoni Mushrooms to Hawaiian Pineapple. Click to see options!

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  • Pizza 2

    $14.99 Total

    That's right, get an authentic Chicagoian Deep Dish Pizza with your choice of toppings.

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Why only the 9" Size?

We believe once you start adding sizes you start to lose quality, with our Deep Dish you get the best possible outside Chicago for a (Insanely) low price of $15 with whatever toppings you want!

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Our Sexy Toppings!

With Slice'd we offer 5 amazing and complimentaery toppings that make each bit amazing and different.; Pick a classic or a Slice'd Specialty

  • Pepperoni

    The most popular pizza topping in America, basically a solid choice.

  • Mushroom

    A mega trend in the USA that makes Pizza almost like a fancy meal

  • Fruit

    For all the Haters, if you don't want it don't get it! From the big island to our hearts, or stomachs?

  • Spinach

    Don't knock it till you try it!

  • Olive black
    Black Olives
    Limited Time

    Boy o Boy this is gonna be an amazing meal!

  • Untitled design 5
    Slice'D Supreme

    Mash'em all together and boom, the "Supremeiest" Pizza Ever!

  • Bacon

    Crispy thick honey smoked bacon laid up nicely with our sweet pineapple! Trust us you should try it!

Menu: The BEST Pizza Ever!

We don't really have a menu, its more like. here is the best pizza ever created and do you want something extra on it, so yeah. Here is one anyways:

  • Pizza
    A 9" Pizza
    Enough for 2 People Avg
  • Toppings
    6 Toppings
    with 100+ Combinations
  • Pizza 2
    Only $14.99
    Delivery for $4.99 More
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